TALIB KWELI’s buzzworthy duo act IDLE WARSHIP, with singer/songwriter RES, made its anticipated Florida debut at the Adrienne Arsht Center’s Knight Concert Hall. IDLE WARSHIP was joined by members of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). An 11 piece chamber orchestra, guest directed by Sam Hyken in collaboration with FUSE, the young patron’s group of MISO. Hyken lends his symphonic ear as he and his eleven classical players joined IDLE WARSHIP to create an unconventional way of listening to hip-hop. This performance marks the first time that TALIB KWELI works with an orchestral section.


Produced by
Sam Hyken
Talib Kweli
AE Collective

Producer / Editor
Victor Muniz

Associate Producer
Bonnie Beregszaszi

Director of Photography
Peter Vahan

Sound Mixer
Jorge Gonzalez Graupera

Filmed by
Bruno Briel
Peter Vahan
Clay Palilonis
Jorge Gonzalez Graupera
Victor Muniz

Adrienne Arsht Center

Idle Warship

The Miami Symphony Orchestra (FUSE)
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