This documentary reveals EcoArt as a hybrid, trans-disciplinary practice that encourages the collaboration of artists with scientists, engineers and architects in creating ecologically beneficial art-interventions that transform communities and spark the cultural change that can lead to a cleaner future.

The film project will focus on the serious problems with clean water and renewable energy specific to South Florida. Audiences will learn how science, technology and art, layered and integrated, become EcoArt, revealing the idiosyncracies of this region’s environmental issues, and the solutions that best address them. The use of animated infographics will depict the facts and figures to support the science involved in EcoArt practice.



Executive Producer
Mary Jo Aagerstoun

Special Thanks
Mauricio Giammettei

Producer / Editor
Victor Muniz

Bonnie Beregszaszi

Original Score
Jorge Gonzalez Graupera

Sound Mixer
Neil McCoun

Filmed by
Clay Micheal Palilonis
Victor Muniz

Motion Graphics & Design
Someone & Somebody - website

EcoArt South Florida
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